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Testing Options

Where to Test

Your choice of test environments is a matter of personal preference, convenience and comfort. This section will help you choose the right type of setting for you. There are four different ways to take the exam. Information about each option is listed below. Choose the best fit for your needs.

1. Comprehensive Standards Review and Exam at Your Location

Bring the NCCHC full-day standards review and CCHP exam to your facility. Your employees will benefit from an in-depth review of the NCCHC standards we offer at our conferences and the opportunity to take the exam after the review.  A minimum of five attendees are required for this option. 

    • Schedule larger numbers of staff at your location, at your convenience, as opposed to outside travel.
    • Build camaraderie through a group/cohort testing process. 
    • Participants earns CE credits.  
    • Success rates for individuals who take the in-depth review or webinar prior to taking the examination are approximately 95%.

2. In-person, traditional exam administrations – offered at NCCHC conferences and regional partner locations

  • Paper (scantron) and pencil
  • No additional cost for those making their first exam attempt
  • Collegial atmosphere. Testing with colleagues and others
  • Avoid technical issues associated with computerized testing; firewalls, internet connection, operating systems etc.
  • Cannot completely control the environment – temperature, seating, lighting and noise level might not be to an individual’s liking
  • Possibly limited due to extraneous events such as the current pandemic
  • Availability only on certain dates. Less flexibility.

See upcoming dates and locations: Traditional Exam Calendar

3. Prometric Exam Centers

  • Computerized exam
  • Additional cost for administration
  • More than 900+ locations, so likely to find one close to home or work
  • Some collegial atmosphere. Testing with others, though not necessarily for the same exam
  • Testing center schedules vary but can widely accommodate many different schedules
  • Cannot often completely control the environment – temperature, seating, lighting and noise level might not be to an individual’s liking
  • Subject to some environmental factors – closures due to weather, limited scheduling due to pandemic, etc. 
  • Current ID required. Proof of vaccination may be required. See Prometric’s information page for details.

Find an exam center near you: Prometric test center

4. Prometric Remote Proctored Exams (Online)

  • Computerized online exam
  • Additional cost for each administration
  • Must have required computer software, webcam and reliable internet connection
  • Reduced travel time. Can take exam in a familiar place such as home or work while being monitored by an off-site proctor. Must be in an office alone and work from a desk or tabletop.
  • Can schedule virtually anytime, any day
  • Greater control over environment
  • Connectivity failures, firewalls, software can malfunction (rare)
  • Power outages

See more information about online testing: Prometric Online Exam Information and Remote Exam FAQ