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Study Materials

Preparing for the CCHP-MH Exam

The Candidate Handbook helps applicants to prepare for the examination and has a detailed list of content areas covered on the exam. It is helpful to develop a study plan. This might include self-study, finding a study partner or group, taking a review course, reviewing current textbooks and articles, or other methods.

On-Demand Webinar: CCHP-MH Review Course This two-hour seminar explains the standards regarding care and treatment, clinical records, administration, personnel, legal issues and more. Members of the CCHP-MH Subcommittee since its inception, Dr. Barboza and Dr. Fleming present through the lens of what is essential as you prepare for the CCHP-MH exam.

The following books are recommended reading to help you prepare for the exam. These books may be purchased through the links below:

The CCHP-MH task force has developed this list of significant legal cases for patients experiencing mental illness and the responsibilities of mental health treatment providers. Examinees are expected to grasp the fundamental concepts and findings of these pivotal cases that have reshaped the landscape of correctional mental health care.