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Preparing for the CCHP-MH Exam

Preparing for the CCHP-MH Exam

The following are actual questions that have appeared on past CCHP-MH examinations. They will give you an idea of what to expect when you take the exam. Note that these questions are not intended to reflect the scope of the examination.

John, an inmate with a history of mental health treatment in the community, has just assaulted several officers. The warden asks the staff psychiatrist to see John as soon as possible and to prescribe medication to “calm him down.” The psychiatrist should:

A. Talk to involved custody staff about John’s violent episodes.
B. Evaluate John to determine his current treatment needs.
C. Prescribe medications last taken by John in the community, to ensure continuity of care.
D. Inform the warden that the above request undermines the mental health staff’s clinical autonomy.

Correct Answer: B

See: MH-A-03: Clinical Autonomy. Discussion: “If custody staff requests that an inmate be medication for behavioral of any other reason, the clinical decision to medicate should be based on the mental health professional’s independent determination of clinical need.”

Which of the following is NOT true of the standard on the suicide prevention program?

A. Actively suicidal patients are placed on constant observation.
B. Potentially suicidal patients are checked at regular 15-minute intervals.
C. All staff members who work with inmates must be trained to recognize cues that include potential suicide.
D. The Mental Health Authority must approve the facility’s suicide prevention plan.

Correct Answer: B

See: MH-G-04: Suicide Prevention Program. Definition of Nonacutely suicidal inmates: “inmates who deny suicidal ideation…should be placed on suicide precautions and observed at staggered intervals not to exceed every 15 minutes…”

Emergency administration of psychotropic medication requires:

A. Prior authorization by a legal prescriber
B. Documentation of the inmate’s condition and threat posed
C. Follow-up within an hour and again after 24 hours
D. All of the above

Correct Answer: D

See: MH-I-02: Emergency Psychotropic Medication.