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Standards: A framework for quality

When it comes to delivering quality care in correctional settings, the NCCHC Standards provide the framework to ensure that systems, policies, and procedures are in place to produce the best outcomes in the most cost-efficient and effective manner.

Developed by leading experts in the fields of health, mental health, law, and corrections, the Standards are our recommendations for managing the delivery of medical and mental health care in correctional systems. These essential resources have guided the field toward continual improvement of care for the incarcerated, strengthening organizational effectiveness and reducing the risk of adverse legal judgments. The standards are also the foundation of NCCHC’s accreditation program.

All five editions — for jails, prisons, juvenile facilities, mental health services and opioid treatment programs — have a strong focus on quality and outcomes and offer flexibility in how to achieve results. The first of their kind when they were introduced more than four decades ago, the standards are updated periodically in keeping with the best contemporary practices.

Note: Third-party trainings on the NCCHC standards may be conducted only by those who receive written authorization from NCCHC or NCCHC Resources, Inc. Without authorization, such trainings are prohibited.

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The most authoritative resources for correctional health care services, the NCCHC Standards are continually updated to reflect the latest evidence and best practices in meeting professional, legal, and ethical requirements in the delivery of correctional health care services.