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Remote Exams FAQ

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Cell phones are not permitted during the exam.

  1. Nothing may be on the desk except the laptop or desktop computer, 1 sheet of paper, 2 tissues and a pen. All other items must be removed from the room.  This includes printers, fax machines, monitors, tv’s, tchotchkes, phones etc.
  2. Nothing additional may be under, around or on the desk. The room must be clear of everything.
  1. The exam must be taken indoors (walls) with a closed door. If the door has glass, please cover the glass.  Windows must be covered with blinds or shades.
  2. No third party may be present in the room or enter the room for the duration of the exam for any reason. If this occurs, your exam will be terminated and/or your results invalidated.


You will need to show your physical government issued state ID, drivers license or US passport. Digital versions are not permitted.

Candidate files are sent to Prometric once a week. Once your information is received, you will receive an email from SMT Notice <[email protected]> with the subject line Iso-Quality Testing: Certified Correctional Health Professional. This email will have the exam registration instructions.  Please look for it in your inbox and junk mail folder this week.

  1. Should you require assistance, you can contact Prometric directly by clicking on the “Contact Us” Tab on the Iso-Quality Testing, Inc. home page ( ) and send a message to customer service, or you may call (toll-free in USA and Canada) 1-866-773-1114, or (other countries) +1 727-733-1110
  2. You may send a message directly to: [email protected]

Your admission letter contains instructions for setting up the ProProctor Application. You must do this before your exam so you can perform a system check.

When you receive your receipt from Prometric, please scroll through the document. It will have your admission notice, instructions and the portal link to use on the day of your exam.

NCCHC will make every reasonable effort to accommodate candidate requests. However, because NCCHC offers exams in numerous environments outside of its control, NCCHC cannot guarantee the fulfillment of any or all specific elements of each accommodation request. Please follow the instructions on this form to request testing accommodations. 

You must use a laptop or desktop device. 


Jewelry outside of wedding and engagement rings is prohibited. Please do not wear other jewelry during testing. Hair accessories, ties and bowties are subject to inspection. Watches (smart and analog) and bracelets are also prohibited.

Please refrain from using ornate clips, combs, barrettes, headbands, tie clips, cuff links and other accessories as you may be prohibited from wearing them during testing and asked to remove these items.

Glasses may be worn but are subject to inspection.

Suit jackets, light jackets, hoodies or sweaters may be worn, but if removed must go on the back of your chair and not in your lap or on the desk. Heavy winter jackets, parkas, raincoats etc. must be removed from the room.

Any wearable technology