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CorrectCare Article Archive

CorrectCare® Article Archive

Spring 2024 issue (38-1) highlights: 

  • The Evolution of Laws Governing Access to MAT in Corrections
  • The Many Benefits of NCCHC Accreditation
  • Delusion Infestation
  • Preventing Type 2 Diabetes: An Evidence-Based Approach
  • Understanding Microaggressions
  • Spring
    • Implementing a Chronic Disease Self-Management Program
    • Assessing Risk of Violence
    • Improve Nurse Retention with Positive Leadership
    • To Avoid Lawsuits, Never Say Never
  • Fall
    • Hunger Strikes and Food Refusals
    • The Oral-Systemic Link
    • Beware the Dangers of Cognitive Bias
    • Addressing Racism in Correctional Health Care
  • Spring
    • Deaf and Incarcerated: Access, Accommodations, and Care
    • Alone: Suicide Prevention in the Pennsylvania DOC
    • COVID Testing in Jails: NCCHC Study Results
    • Maintaining Mental Health During COVID-19
  • Fall
    • Creating Safety Through Healing: Trauma-Informed Treatment in a  Women’s Facility
    • STI Treatment Updates from the CDC
    • Defensive Documentation for Nurses
    • Decompensation in Segregation

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