Reaching across Communication Barriers to Understand Our Patients

The way we communicate has changed tremendously as the internet has replaced traditional media like newspapers and TV. Instead of readi… Continue Reading ›

American Diabetes Association releases new position statement on Diabetes Management in Correctional Facilities

From the report summary:

People with diabetes should receive care that meets national standards. Being incarcerated does not change these standar… Continue Reading ›

NCCHC Board Approves Updated Position Statement on Naloxone in Correctional Facilities

In light of new reports on lives saved in jails, the NCCHC Governance Board has updated the NCCHC Position Statement on Naloxone in Correctional Facilities … Continue Reading ›

Meeting the Needs of Incarcerated Veterans

People commit crimes and are incarcerated for myriad reasons – probably as many reasons as there are justi… Continue Reading ›

Journal of Women and Criminal Justice Seeks Creative Submissions from Justice-Involved Persons and Advocates

The New Jersey’s Commission on Reentry Services for Women and The Women’s Project at NJRC are seeking art and creative and editorial writing for… Continue Reading ›

Is Your Correctional System Overpaying for Off-Site Health Care?

Correctional health care leaders can have a major impact on controlling health care costs in ways you may have never considered. Performing services in-hous… Continue Reading ›

Medications for Opioid Use Disorder in State Prisons: A Look at Current Delivery Status

As the United States battles a growing opioid epidemic, corrections professionals face the considerable demands of managing a population increasingly depend… Continue Reading ›

Running Up Against Vaccine Hesitancy? Try These Strategies

COVID-19 vaccines are safe and extremely effective against
severe disease and death from COVID. And yet, the CDC reports that as of August
1, close to 33% o… Continue Reading ›

Standards Q & A: Standards Regarding Inmate Workers

Q: We are starting to use inmate workers at our jail. What do we need to do to ensure we are following NCCHC standards?

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Standards Q & A: Corporate vs. Site-Specific Policies

Q: At our facility, we use corporate policies and procedures from our health services vendor. How will NCCHC evaluate site-specific policie… Continue Reading ›