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Standards Explained

Despite our best efforts to develop correctional health care standards that are easy to understand, questions may arise in trying to comply.

To aid interpretation, a Q&A column appears in NCCHC’s magazine, CorrectCare. These responses give general recommendations and may be revised when new editions of the Standards are published.

Also see the Spotlight on the Standards column for more in-depth discussion of common questions about the standards and insights on how to interpret them.

For questions about the standards, 

Third-party trainings on the NCCHC Standards may be conducted only by those who receive written authorization from NCCHC or NCCHC Resources, Inc. Without authorization, such trainings are prohibited.


In the 2018 editions of the Standards for Health Services manuals for jails and prisons, standard F-02 Infirmary-Level Care has an error. Compliance indicator 4 should be split into two compliance indicators as follows:

  • At least daily, a supervising RN ensures that care is being provided as ordered.
  • Initiation and discontinuation of infirmary-level care is by provider order.
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The most authoritative resources for correctional health care services, the NCCHC Standards are continually updated to reflect the latest evidence and best practices in meeting professional, legal and ethical requirements in delivering correctional health care services. The 2018 editions have been revised, reorganized and simplified to improve their usefulness.

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