CCHP-P Certification


The CCHP–Physician credential is designed to recognize expertise among physicians practicing in the specialized field of correctional health care.

A CCHP-P is one who has demonstrated understanding of the medical needs of the inmate population and possesses knowledge of the unique challenges, legal context and policies and procedures specific to physicians practicing in a correctional environment. A CCHP-P has shown a mastery of specialized content developed by physician experts in the field of correctional health care. Specialty certification as a correctional physician provides validation of a commitment to maintain the knowledge necessary to augment competent and appropriate clinical care to incarcerated patients.

The purpose of the CCHP-P program is to define the domain of knowledge unique to practicing in a correctional environment, to provide a valid assessment of this knowledge, to encourage continued professional development in the field of correctional health care and to promote the public’s health by encouraging health care quality.