CCHP-A Certification


CCHP-A logoThe Advanced CCHP program recognizes Certified Correctional Health Professionals who have demonstrated excellence, commitment and contribution to the field of correctional health care and their relative discipline or profession.


"If you set an example for others and encourage colleagues to strive for a high standard of quality and professionalism, then you should take the next step and pursue advanced certification."

-- Steven Shelton, MD, CCHP-A


Be a leader in the field. Demonstrate your commitment to quality. Certified Correctional Health Professionals are eligible to apply for Advanced Certification after being certified for at least three years in the basic program.

Like the CCHP basic program, the Advanced CCHP program does not measure clinical skills. Rather, it is designed to assess experience in and knowledge of the delivery of health care services in correctional settings. 

The key to success is to understand the NCCHC standards, not merely recite them.
“You need to know the standards inside, outside and upside down,” says Johnnie Lambert, RN, CCHP-A. “You don’t need to quote them, but you need to know what they mean and how to apply them.”


 Learn the answers to common concerns about taking the exam and get ready for recognition for your correctional health expertise. Explore how to apply, the philosophy behind the exam and how you can prepare for success.  

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