CCHP Certification



Becoming a 

 Certified Correctional Health Professional

is the next step in your professional advancement.



  • Increase your knowledge
  • Get professional recognition
  • Reduce risk in your organization
  • Highlight your expertise
  • Be a leader
  • Make patient care decisions based on best practices


The CCHP credential shows your mastery of NCCHC standards and your ability to apply them to support the quality of patient care. It’s a signal to the field that you are committed to correctional health care as a career. You’ll gain credibility with colleagues with this tangible evidence of your expertise.

“The CCHP credential is essential for leaders in correctional health care and it has shown those making decisions on advancement that I have the knowledge required to lead others in providing quality care.”

Tara Taylor, RN, BSN, CCHP
Regional Director of Nursing, Corizon


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Complete the Application

Open to individuals interested in or currently working in corrections. Eligible if they have credentials appropriate to the field.  Learn more 

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Exam Preparation

Set yourself up for success. Review the standards on your own, set up a study group, watch an on-demand online webinar or ask NCCHC about a customized online standards review course. Learn more. 

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Register for the Exam
Once your application is approved, sign up to take the exam online, at an upcoming event or at a test center

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Maintain Your Certification
Recertification ensures that all CCHPs maintain an an adequate level of current knowledge and proficiency in the field.  Learn more.

CCHP Slide Show

Watch our slideshare and learn more about the CCHP

 CCHP as a Talent Management Strategy                CCHP FAQs

"Our staff earning CCHP certification has without a doubt raised the quality of health services at DC Department of Youth Rehabilitation."

Alsan Bellard, MD, MBA, CCHP