CCHP-RN Certification


CCHP-RN certification makes a difference—to the patients whose care is provided by certified correctional nurses, to CCHP-RN Logoemployers who desire top-notch nurses on staff and to the nurses who attain the credential.


This specialty certification for registered nurses recognizes CCHPs who have demonstrated the knowledge necessary to deliver specialized nursing care in corrections.

Are you eligible for a CCHP-RN?
First, applicants must have a current CCHP. CCHP-RN certification requires the completion of an application and a passing score on a two-hour, proctored, multiple-choice examination. 


Learn the answers to common concerns about taking the exam and get ready for recognition for your correctional nursing expertise. Explore how to apply, the philosophy behind the exam and how you can prepare for success.

CCHP-RN Slideshare  

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