Webinar: Policy and Treatment Dynamics of the Opioid Use Crisis in the United States

SEPTEMBER 26, 2018

11 am PDT  ǀ  12 pm MDT  ǀ   1 pm CDT  ǀ   2 pm EDT

Presented by Mark Parrino, MPA, President, American Association for the Treatment of Opioid Dependence

Federal agencies involved with substance abuse, as well as federal and state legislatures, understand the tragic impact that the opioid use/abuse epidemic is having on the nation. The presenter will discuss the policy and treatment challenges facing federal and state governments and treatment providers in response to the epidemic. He will review the expansion of opioid treatment programs and best practice standards for OTPs. He also will discuss plans to provide a Medicare Part B benefit when Medicare beneficiaries are seeking access to care in OTPs. Finally, he will describe how medication-assisted treatement for opioid use disorder is being used in correctional facilities and through drug courts.

Duration: 1.0 hour

Registration fee: $49

Educational Objectives

  • Discuss best practice standards for opioid treatment programs
  • Review a proposed Medicare Part D benefit for Medicare beneficiaries seeking care in OTPs
  • Examine the use of MAT for opioid use disorder in correctional facilities and through drug courts

Continuing Education Credit

1.0 hour of credit is available (ACCME, ANCC, APA, CCHP)

About the Presenter

Mark Parrino

Mr. Parrino is president of the American Association for the Treatment of Opioid Dependence, where he is responsible for the development and implementation of AATOD’s organizing initiatives. He served as chair of the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment Consensus Panel for State Methadone Treatment Guidelines. He is a consultant and educator to government, community and business groups concerning substance abuse treatment and policy. He also was chair of the Health Systems Agency’s Technical Advisory Group on Substance Abuse in New York City. Earlier in his career, he was director of an outpatient methadone treatment program. Mr. Parrino is a recipient of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Innovators Award for 2003.