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Available for download at no charge. “With today’s widespread staffing shortages, we run a higher risk of errors that can affect patients’ lives.”
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In a position paper, NCCHC supporting organization spells out its commitment to the incarcerated.
2022 Juvenile Standards
The 2022 edition of NCCHC’s Standards for Health Services in Juvenile Detention and Confinement Facilities is now available. The task force, which included physicians,
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Are the RHA and the facility administrator the same person? Find the answer.
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In what circumstances is someone considered to be segregated?
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Is it OK if policies are not numbered the same as the NCCHC standards?
A recent analysis of show passing rates of 96%-100%, depending on the exam.
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NCCHC standard covers unexpected fatalities
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Q: Is a log necessary for tracking grievances? It is not in the compliance indicators for the grievance process standard, but it is something we
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Q: I work in a jail and am trying to find guidance on what credential a jail nurse needs to have. Does the nurse have