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What touchpoints should we document for nonemergent medical, dental, and mental health care requests?
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A question about Standard A-09 Procedure in the Event of an Inmate Death
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We emphasized the importance of treating patients with chronic pain with dignity and respect that is free from stigma or bias.
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The most amazing part of working in an electronic environment is accessibility.
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What are acceptable ways for destruction of a controlled medication dose that is dropped?
2022 Juvenile Standards
Changes and new concepts in the 2022 Standards for Health Services in Juvenile Detention and Confinement Facilities
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“I hope to inspire others on my team to pursue certification too.”
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Does NCCHC require facilities to follow a specific medication accountability system?
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Do we need to do a mass disaster and man-down drill in each building?
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Available for download at no charge. “With today’s widespread staffing shortages, we run a higher risk of errors that can affect patients’ lives.”