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2022 Juvenile Standards
Changes and new concepts in the 2022 Standards for Health Services in Juvenile Detention and Confinement Facilities
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In what circumstances is someone considered to be segregated?
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Is it OK if policies are not numbered the same as the NCCHC standards?
A recent analysis of show passing rates of 96%-100%, depending on the exam.
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In August and September this year, YesCare created the YesCare CCHP Certification Challenge, which ultimately resulted in 40 new CCHPs, 3 CCHP-RNs, and 1
Q: At our facility, we use corporate policies and procedures from our health services vendor. How will NCCHC evaluate site-specific policies during our next
Staggered Suicide Monitoring Q: During our survey, the surveyors cited Standard B-05 Suicide Prevention and Intervention compliance indicator 2 as noncompliant. We provide nonacute
“Knowing the NCCHC standards and becoming certified is just as important for correctional health administrators as it is for nurses, physicians, and other health
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Q: I am concerned about maintaining our facility’s accreditation status because, in response to COVID, we have made some changes in the way we
By Michael Teasdale, RN, CCHP Full disclosure: I did not obtain my CCHP certification until I had been in nursing management for quite some