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YesCare CCHP Contest Gives Patients A Big Win

In August and September this year, YesCare created the YesCare CCHP Certification Challenge, which ultimately resulted in 40 new CCHPs, 3 CCHP-RNs, and 1 CCHP-P. The Challenge awarded a $500 bonus to any employee who earned their CCHP or specialty CCHP between August 15 and September 15, 2022. Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer Brandon De Julius, MBA, CCHP-A, explains that the company is committed to following NCCHC Standards and was seeking to increase the number of CCHPs among line staff and leadership.

De Julius notes, “We believe there’s a direct impact when you get more people certified. It raises the level of quality throughout the organization and all the facilities we serve.  It’s not just something to do to progress your career, it’s a commitment to correctional health as a specialty, and we think it makes a real difference in outcomes and safety.” He also wanted to specifically congratulate the YesCare team in St. Clair, Mich. for achieving the highest percentage of new CCHPs. “31.25% of staff at this facility received their certification during the challenge period and we are absolutely thrilled.”

While De Julius said he knew he was taking a risk on how much money the bonuses would cost the company, he felt strongly that it was a worthwhile investment. “Not only do we mitigate risk to our patients and staff in the facilities, but it’s money well spent to invest in our people and hopefully, it increases loyalty and retention,” he said. “We already pay for the certification application, recertification, and test fees, but nothing beats a cash bonus. I think we’ll continue to see a lot of interest in getting certified. We’re trying to figure out now how to keep the momentum going.”

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