NCCHC Awards - National Commission on Correctional Health Care
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NCCHC Awards

The award is given annually to one of the hundreds of jails, prisons and juvenile facilities accredited by NCCHC. Nominations often come from accreditation survey team members but we also accept nominations from the field. The accreditation committee chooses recipients. However, the award may not be given if no strong candidates are nominated.

Besides being in good standing in the accreditation program and in compliance with the standards for health services, we also look for a facility that presents exceptional professionalism in health services delivery and whose health services can serve as a model for others.

Each facility so honored is unique in the reason for the award. In the jail category, past winners include a jail that evidenced significant positive change over a three-year period; a small jail with an exemplary program of collaboration with community health providers; and a jail that developed a health care system based on a community service provision model.

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— From CorrectCare Volume 20, Issue 2, Spring 2006; updated February 2010. Updated April 7, 2022.