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Promote Your Accreditation

Promote Your Achievement With These Accreditation Publicity Tools

Accreditation by the National Commission on Correctional Health Care signifies that your facility meets the nation’s premier standards on correctional health care.

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Becoming accredited is an important achievement for your facility. NCCHC accreditation signals your commitment to quality health care services. It is an excellent opportunity for positive publicity for your staff’s hard work and your commitment to public health and safety.

Share this accomplishment with your community, local media, and relevant peer organizations.

Suggestions for Publicizing Your Accreditation

  • Send a news release to local media and publications that focus on corrections. Sample releases can be found below. Just fill your specific information in to the template. Contact us at [email protected] if you need a tailored quote or have any questions.
  • Create a post on social media – tag @NCCHC and we’ll retweet it with our congratulations.
  • Use the NCCHC Accredited Facility emblem to promote your accreditation. You are not limited in how you use it. Suggestions include on your email, website, letterhead, business cards, and signage. Find downloadable emblems below.
  • Prominently display your accreditation certificate.
  • Conduct a news conference. Invite local reporters to meet with your sheriff, county commissioners, and/or jail administrator. A news conference is an excellent opportunity to explain voluntary accreditation and your ongoing commitment to public health, risk reduction and quality health care.
  • Notify any national, state, or local associations of which your organization or leadership are members.
  • Include information on the benefits of accreditation in your community communications.
  • If you were a leader in the initiative, note your role in your LinkedIn profile.
Sample Press Releases

Jails: Initial accreditation        Reaccreditation

Prisons: Initial accreditation     Reaccreditation

Juvenile: Initial accreditation     Reaccreditation

Mental Health: Initial accreditation     Reaccreditation

OTP: Initial accreditation        Reaccreditation

The NCCHC Accredited Facility emblem is a trademark of the National Commission on Correctional Health Care and may only be used by authorized, accredited facilities. Compliance with the following guidelines is required:

  • The elements of the emblem must remain in the same proportional relationship as provided. Do not edit the elements of the emblem.
  • Only facilities that are accredited may use the emblem. If some facilities within a system are accredited but others are not, the emblem may not be used on information describing the system. Contract management firms or other agencies that manage care at accredited facilities may use the emblem to show accreditation only in reference to the accredited facilities.
  • NCCHC does not permit use of its emblem or other identifiers by commercial ventures unless NCCHC provides specific written approval.
  • In all cases, permission to use the emblem is at the discretion of NCCHC.

Please contact [email protected] if you need additional formats.

Talking Points about NCCHC Accreditation

  • Accreditation is a way of measuring health care quality in your institution. It is an evaluation of compliance with the nation’s most respected standards for correctional health care.
  • Accreditation promotes professional excellence. Staff benefits from feedback and education from knowledgeable professionals that helps your facility run more efficiently.
  • Accreditation signals a constitutionally acceptable level of care for a facility’s incarcerated population, which translates into better health, fewer health-related grievances and lawsuits, and reduced health risk to the wider community when released.
  • Successful accreditation requires communication and cooperation between custody and health care staff. Accreditation shows excellence in teamwork.
  • Accreditation demonstrates a commitment to excellence in complying with national standards for quality correctional health care.
  • NCCHC accreditation is voluntary and requires an on-site survey conducted by correctional health care physicians and other professionals. Surveys are usually scheduled every three years. Annual reporting is among many requirements to maintain accreditation.
  • With roots in the American Medical Association, NCCHC has promoted and supported quality correctional health care for more than 40 years. Its accreditation programs reach and affect the health of nearly 500,000 incarcerated people per year.
  • Association with NCCHC provides access to national experts in every aspect of correctional health care as well as opportunities to share knowledge, develop innovations, and promote best practices.


• Use the NCCHC Accredited Facility emblem for as long as you are accredited. Please do not use the NCCHC corporate logo from the NCCHC website. This logo is reserved for NCCHC use only.
• Please do not publicize the names of NCCHC surveyors who visited your facility.
• NCCHC accredits facilities, not individuals, vendors, programs or systems.
• NCCHC does not make an accreditation announcement for new facilities; however, NCCHC will rebroadcast your social media announcement if you tag us @NCCHC.