May 9, 2022

NCCHC Foundation & Indivior Release White Paper on MOUD

A new white paper, From the General Public to America’s Jails: MAT Saves Lives, highlights the role of jails in providing medications for opioid use disorder as a critical opportunity to treat a severely at-risk and high-need population. Nearly all of those who enter our nation’s jails will eventually be released and, without treatment, are likely to return. For those returning to jail, an often-cited reason is a relapse to drug use as they tend to return to the same environments conducive to their use in the first place.

Failing to provide MOUD to those with OUD, given the wealth of research in support of its use as treatment, is unacceptable. Data shows that providing MOUD will reduce recidivism, enhance public safety, and promote public health by way of reduced overdoses, overdose deaths, and spread of infectious disease. 

This report was funded by Indivior through its membership as a Platinum Partner in the NCCHC Foundation’s Partners in Correctional Health Annual Giving Society

Download the report 

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