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CCHP logoSep 22, 2023

Digital Badges: A New Way to Share CCHP Pride

The CCHP program has launched a new digital “badge” option for all Certified Correctional Health Professionals, including those with advanced and specialty certifications.

A digital badge is sometimes called an icon or micro-credentials, but that makes it sound small, and it’s actually a big deal! Much like the paper certificate CCHPs receive when they initially pass the exam – and each subsequent year when they recertify – a digital badge is documentation of the accomplishment. But instead of being displayed on your office wall where only you can see it, this badge goes everywhere. Your badge can be shared electronically with others via email or social media networks, and can be displayed on resumes, personal websites, email signatures, job boards, or anywhere across the web.

Visually, the digital badge is simply the CCHP logo. But click on it, and it connects to metadata – detailed information about your specific certification, including your name, title, employer, the date of your most recent certification and its expiration date, the name of the issuing organization (in this case NCCHC), a description of the criteria for earning certification, and the skills and knowledge associated with it. In that way your badge is authenticated and verifiable, unlike a printed certificate. It also links to the NCCHC website and the CCHP page for further information about the organization and the program.

“Badges provide employers primary source verification of what you earned, how you earned it, and the value you now bring as a result of the achievement,” explains Matissa Sammons, CCHP, MA, vice president of certification. “And you can celebrate your achievement by sharing on social media.” Suggested uses include:

  • Add the badge to your LinkedIn profile so anyone looking at your page can learn what the CCHP credential means. It will even generate a LinkedIn post for you announcing your recertification.
  • Put it on your Facebook page and let it generate a Facebook post for you.
  • Share on Twitter and Instagram.
  • Use the email sharing option to send it to an email address – a potential employer, colleagues, or your licensing board.
  • Send it to prospective employers to confirm that your certification is up to date.

Digital badges are becoming more popular among training programs and organizations such as NCCHC, who are able to specify expiration dates to prevent sharing of expired badges. Recipients of shared badges can rest assured that credentials are current and verified.

“Many CCHPs don’t have a need for – or a place to put – a printed certificate, so this is an alternative,” says Sammons. “Printed certificates are attractive, but sometimes get lost or damaged in mailing and take about 10 days to receive. With a digital badge, it takes just a few minutes for information to populate the digital record.”

Everyone will still get a printed certificate when they first earn certification as a CCHP, but during the annual recertification process, you will now be able to select whether you want a printed certificate or a digital badge.

Whichever option you select, you can still print a paper certificate through your myNCCHC account. Instructions are available on the website under Certification FAQs.

If you choose the digital option, you will receive an email from [email protected] with instructions for claiming your badge. It might land in your junk mail folder, so be sure to check. Once claimed, the badge is yours to use. Share it widely and spread the word about your accomplishment.

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