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CDC logo sized pngFeb 1, 2024

CDC Seeks Input on Correctional Food Service Safety

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has noted that jails and prisons in the United States are experiencing large foodborne outbreaks. This can strain correctional staff and local health systems. CDC is looking to work with correctional and public health partners to improve food safety in correctional settings.
This anonymous survey will help them better understand correctional food service resources, training needs, and challenges related to food safety practices. The survey will help create food safety guidance tailored to the unique needs of jails and prisons, and food safety training opportunities for correctional staff.

  • The survey is open to all federal, state, local, and tribal correctional facility employees who have not been in prison or jail (not just those who are assigned to work in food preparation).
  • Data collection is anonymous. The survey does not ask for names, employers, or contact information, so the answers cannot be tied back to an individual or a facility.
  • Data will be combined, and individual responses will not be made available.
  • Participation in this survey is completely voluntary and should take less than 30 minutes to complete.
  • Each participant should complete the survey once and more than one person in a facility can take the survey.
  • Please distribute this survey to correctional workers within your organization and encourage their participation. This information will greatly improve the food safety tools and resources CDC develop for correctional workers.
  • Please complete the survey before March 30, 2024.

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