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breastfeeding mother
NCCHC supports and recommends making accommodations for nursing individuals in custody,
The NCCHC Governance Board has approved a new position statement, Public Health Implications of Violence and Correctional Settings. The statement replaces Prevention of Violence
counselor with youth
The way we use language to conceptualize people can shape our attitudes about people and how we treat them.
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The pervasive criminalization of misbehavior of school-aged Black youth has created the school-to-prison pipeline.
food plate
Access to a nutritious, palatable diet is essential to personal well-being, a medical necessity, and a fundamental human right. To advance the nutritional wellness
ACP 2 sized
In a position paper, NCCHC supporting organization spells out its commitment to the incarcerated.
PS graphic
Revisions stress opposition to copays and fees during incarceration.
trauma boy blog
The NCCHC board adopted a new position statement on Trauma-Responsive Care for Youths.
hospice patient
The goal of end-of-life care in corrections, as in other contexts, is to prevent or relieve suffering as much as possible while preserving and
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Correctional health professionals have a fundamental duty to the clinical care, physical safety, and psychological wellness of their patients. NCCHC has revised its position