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Kane, Martin, and Salke bring expertise and strategic experience
Substances referred to in the community as “Tranq” and “Frankenstein” have increased the potency and dangers related to opioid abuse.
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Commonalities across the country in operations and leadership issues
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I recently attended the annual conference of the American Jail Association (AJA) in Omaha. AJA President Louis Quinones has made mental health a primary
Adopting MAT requires training, new processes, and most importantly, a new outlook and understanding of addiction.
A unique opportunity to secure funding for MAT for opioid use disorders. 
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Working with the incarcerated population in a challenging environment is no easy task.
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By Fred W. Meyer, MA, CJM, CCHPManaging Director, NCCHC Resources Working with a team of NCCHC Resources consultants, I recently completed an analysis for
Loretta for blog
She is director of the Project Management Office of NCCHC’s consulting subsidiary, NCCHC Resources.