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Barbara Granner

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The NCCHC Foundation exists to support you and the people you care for.
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NCCHC’s annual awards were presented at the National Conference in Las Vegas.
Elizabeth Lowenhaupt, MD, CCHP, is the new chair of the NCCHC Governance Board.
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The CCHP program has launched a new digital “badge” option for all CCHPs.
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The most amazing part of working in an electronic environment is accessibility.
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What are acceptable ways for destruction of a controlled medication dose that is dropped?
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To prevent lawsuits, avoid referring to rules, mandates, and inflexible protocols.
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“I hope to inspire others on my team to pursue certification too.”
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June 19 is World Sickle Cell Day, an international awareness day aimed at increasing the public’s knowledge and understanding of sickle cell disease and
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The day of Bob S.’s last drink, June 10, 1935, is AA’s founding date.