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American Diabetes Association releases new position statement on Diabetes Management in Correctional Facilities

From the report summary:

People with diabetes should receive care that meets national standards. Being incarcerated does not change these standards. Patients must have access to medication, supplies for testing and daily management, and nutrition as needed to manage their disease. In patients who do not meet treatment targets, medical and behavioral plans should be adjusted by health care professionals in collaboration with the detention facility staff.

It is critical for detention facilities to identify particularly high-risk patients in need of more intensive evaluation and therapy, including pregnant women, patients with advanced complications, a history of repeated severe hypoglycemia, or recurrent DKA.

In the detention setting environment, there are a number of reasonable accommodations that may be necessary and appropriate for people with diabetes, including modified meal times, special dietary regimen, access to diabetes care supplies, access to food/drink to prevent/treat hypoglycemia, modified schedules/arrangements allowing participation in jobs or other programming, use of assistive devices or other items to accommodate diabetes-related management needs (e.g. insulin pump) and medical complications (e.g. specialized shoes), and more.

NCCHC Board Member Barbara Wakeen MA RDN CCHP was a contributor to the report in its original release in 2008 and in the 2021 revision.

Find out more: https://www.diabetes.org/resources/know-your-rights/attorney-materials/correctional-institutions-materials-for-lawyers

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