Updated Jail and Prison Standards Coming Soon - National Commission on Correctional Health Care
Jan 29, 2018

Updated Jail and Prison Standards Coming Soon

New editions of NCCHC’s landmark Standards for Health Services for jails and prisons will be available in April. First published in 1976 and 1979, respectively, these nationally recognized standards lay the foundation for constitutionally acceptable health services systems and can help facilities improve health services delivery.

These editions have been revised and reorganized to improve their usefulness. Sections have been consolidated into seven categories (previously there were nine), and introductory descriptions have been added to explain the intent of each section. New standards are being introduced and several closely related standards have been combined. In addition, the wording of the standards has been simplified.

For a preview of the 2018 Standards, attend the preconference seminar at NCCHC’s Spring Conference on Correctional Health Care, April 21-24 in Minneapolis.

For compliance dates for accredited facilities, click here >

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