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The conference supports correctional mental health professionals with insights from speakers from a variety of backgrounds.
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Find answers among clinicians and administrators at this unique two-day gathering focused on correctional mental health care. MORE INFO
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By Fred W. Meyer, MA, CJM, CCHPManaging Director, NCCHC Resources Working with a team of NCCHC Resources consultants, I recently completed an analysis for
In 1989 Don Henley released his single “The End of Innocence.” The first verse goes like this: Remember when the days were longAnd rolled
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NCCHC’s Correctional Mental Health Care Conference in Denver attracted a record number of attendees this year, with six of the nearly 500 participants supported
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by Kavita Khajuria, MD, Twin Towers Correctional Facility
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As the country recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, mental health concerns have risen to the forefront. Overdose deaths and suicides are up throughout the
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The COVID-19 pandemic has disproportionately affected staff and residents of correctional facilities, and the impact goes beyond physical health. Protecting the community has required
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Correctional mental health services are often criticized with broad-brush comments citing conditions and services that, in many jurisdictions, are a thing of the past.
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A patient once told me, “If it was a choice between cancer and this, I would take cancer.” What is this condition that could