Feb 20, 2020

Supporting Organizations Oppose Sharing Immigrant Youths’ Confidential Psychotherapy Information

Several NCCHC supporting organizations have publicly stated their opposition to sharing confidential information gained during therapy sessions as contrary to medical ethics and effective patient care. The statements are in response to a recent report in the Washington Post about therapists sharing notes on detained migrant youth with immigration officials, sometimes to deny asylum.

American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
AACAP Letter to Office of Refugee Resettlement and U.S. Immigration and and Customs Enforcement

American Counseling Association
The American Counseling Association Denounces Immigrant Youths’ Breach of Confidentiality

American Psychiatric Association
APA Condemns Unethical Sharing of Therapist Records in Immigration Cases

American Psychological Association
American Psychological Association Calls for Immediate Halt to Sharing Immigrant Youths’ Confidential Psychotherapy Notes with ICE

National Association of Social Workers
NASW demands Office of Refugee Resettlement cease sharing immigrant youth psychotherapy notes

Also see NCCHC‘s position statement on Detention of Immigrant Children.

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