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Our county juvenile detention center rarely houses pregnant juveniles, and when we do, it is always short-term. The community hospital where deliveries would take place is right across the street, and the physician treating these girls has an office nearby. We do not have a fetal heart monitor on site. Given our circumstances, must we have one in order to comply with NCCHC standard Y-D-03 Clinic Space, Equipment, and Supplies?

The fetal heart monitor is not required, but it is recommended. To comply with a standard for accreditation purposes, you must understand and meet the requirements of the standard itself and of its compliance indicators. In standard Y-D-03, the recommendations section lists suggested equipment, including a fetal heart monitor. As its name implies, this section makes recommendations that likely will benefit a facility but that are not mandatory. If your responsible physician is comfortable with your situation and the resources available, then you may follow the physician’s protocols. You will be in compliance with the intent of the standard.
— From CorrectCare Volume 19, Issue 1, Winter 2005