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Journal square e1626293147294Jul 22, 2021

Call for Papers: Special Issue on Transgender Health and Corrections

The Journal of Correctional Health Care and Transgender Health are collaborating to produce a special issue on Transgender Health and Corrections. The special issue will highlight the complex interactions of incarceration, physical and mental health, and care for transgender and gender diverse (TGD) individuals, as well as myriad challenges in the realms of both health services and custody.

We welcome the submission of manuscripts exploring research, policies, practices, and ethical issues related to the health and health care of TGD individuals in jails and prisons. Deadline is September 30.

Incarceration is a significant public health issue that disproportionately affects transgender and gender diverse people. TGD individuals experience higher incarceration rates and cyclical incarceration is common. They also often present to correctional settings with mental health and comorbid substance use disorders, infectious diseases, and other medical conditions, resulting in a high and complex disease burden. Given that correctional systems operate under a traditional cisgender-centric gender/sex binary structure, they must implement a range of policy and operational changes to ensure the safety, security, and health care of incarcerated TGD people.

Challenges in caring for TGD people in correctional settings and potential means of addressing them have not been well explored in the literature, and the lack of national, corrections-based practice guidelines and best practices leaves correctional administrators and health care providers with limited guidance for optimizing the care and safety of TGD people.

Topics for consideration include: Epidemiology, Clinical Care, Custodial Care and Safety, Gender Affirmation, Community Reentry, and Perspectives – first person accounts or field/case reports.

Manuscript Submission
Prepare manuscripts using the Manuscript Submission Guidelines for the Journal of Correctional Health CareSubmit your manuscript using the ScholarOne system by September 30, 2021. Please direct any questions here.

Find more information about the Journal of Correctional Health Care here.

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