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Supporting Organizations Issue Statements on Family Separation

Several of NCCHC’s supporting organizations have published statements opposing separation of immigrant children from their families, citing long-term harm to mental and physical health. We link to them here.

American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry:
Separating Immigrant Children from their Families

American Academy of Pediatrics:
Statement Opposing Separation of Children and Parents at the Border
Statement on Executive Order on Family Separation

American Psychiatric Association:
Statement Opposing Separation of Children from Parents at the Border

American Psychological Association:
Statement of APA President Regarding the Traumatic Effects of Separating Immigrant Families
Statement of APA President Regarding Executive Order Rescinding Immigrant Family Separation Policy

American Public Health Association:
Separating parents and children at US border is inhumane and sets the stage for a public health crisis

National Association of Social Workers:
NASW says plan to separate undocumented immigrant children from their parents is malicious and unconscionable
NASW takes issue with President Trump’s Immigration Executive Order, demands more coherent, humane policy