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NCCHC Announces New Logo Family

After more than 20 years, NCCHC has updated its logo and the logos of all of our related subsidiaries and programs. Although familiarity breeds affection, as Forbes points out, “No matter how iconic your logo is, its creation will always be informed by the design standards, norms, and trends of the time in which it was created.”

The new logo makes the Caduceus more abstract, still signifying our roots in medicine, but also our commitment to quality and the interconnectedness of our work between all disciplines and between corrections and health care. In addition, the typography has been strengthened to reflect confidence and authority.

This update brings together all of our logos with a “family feel,” building recognition and unification.

We will be updating our sites and materials on a rolling basis. Stay tuned this week for an entirely new look for NCCHC.org.