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LGBTQ+ Resources

For Pride Month, we have assembled a list of LGBTQ+ resources for those who work in corrections, health care, or social services. If you have additional resources to add to the list, please send the link to info@ncchc.org.

NCCHC Position Statement: Transgender and Gender Diverse Health Care in Correctional Settings (2020)

NCCHC blog post: A Moment for Corrections in Pride Month (June 2020)

NCCHC blog post: Showing Up to Advocate for our Patients (March 2020)

National PREA Resource Center Report: Committing to Safety and Respect for LGBTI Youth and Adults in Confinement

National Institute of Corrections Policy Review: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersex Persons in Custodial Settings, 2nd Edition

American Journal of Public Health: Incarceration Rates and Traits of Sexual Minorities in the United States: National Inmate Survey

Prison Policy Initiative Briefing: Visualizing the unequal treatment of LGBTQ people in the criminal justice system

Criminology and Criminal Justice: Making Gender-Responsive Programming More Queer Responsive

Criminology and Criminal Justice: LGBT People in Prison: Management Strategies, Human Rights Violations, and Political Mobilization

Center for American Progress: Unjust: How the Broken Criminal Justice System Fails LGBT People

Prison Watch Program of the American Friends Service Committee: LGBTQ+ Prisoner Resource Guide

The resources listed here do not necessarily represent official positions of the National Commission on Correctional Health Care.