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May 11, 2021

Awards Nominations Open for New Leadership Award and Young Professionals Award

The new Edward A. Harrison Excellence in Correctional Health Care Leadership Award was created in 2021 to honor long-time NCCHC President/CEO Edward A. Harrison, who retired in 2014. During his 27-year career at NCCHC, Mr. Harrison demonstrated a high standard of executive leadership while eschewing attention and praise. As a health care executive, he maintained a sharp focus on NCCHC’s mission and values. He was resolutely committed to the growth and advancement of the correctional health care field and his work elevated the overall quality of patient care.

This award will be presented annually to an outstanding correctional health leader who leads by example, inspires others, and is committed to quality improvement in correctional health care.

Award Criteria

1. Nomination by peer or self-nomination
2. Minimum five years in the field of correctional health care
3. Has held a leadership position in a correctional health care environment for at least two years.

Nominee Attributes

• Goes above and beyond expected job performance and has made significant contributions to the field of correctional health care
• Places an emphasis on human caring and compassion
• Showcases good corporate citizenship, demonstrated by a willingness to work effectively with others and in alignment with community values
• Exhibits exceptional work ethic, putting advancement of the field ahead of personal gain
• Has a demonstrated record of quality and performance improvements within the field

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Nominations are also open for the NCCHC Young Professionals Award. 

The Young Professional Award was created in 2018 to recognize the new and upcoming leaders in the correctional health care field. Self-nominated or nominated by peers, this individual is an outstanding correctional health professional who inspires others through his or her commitment to quality health care. 

The Young Professionals Committee will assess nominees on the following criteria:

  • 45 years of age or under
  • Minimum two years working in correctional health care
  • Strong leadership attributes
  • Demonstrates dedication to the field
  • Willingness to take initiative
  • Leads by example
  • Possesses a strong work ethic
  • CCHP preferred (all nominees, regardless of credential, will be seriously considered)

Submit a Nomination

The awards will be presented during the Opening Ceremony of the National Conference on Correctional Health Care on November 1 in Chicago. Deadline: June 18

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