Accreditation FAQs


Where can I find a list of all correctional facilities accredited by NCCHC?

By policy, NCCHC does not release such lists, nor can it respond to inquiries as to whether a given facility is accredited. Please contact facilities directly for that information.


Does NCCHC accredit small facilities as well as large?

Absolutely! NCCHC accredits facilities of all shapes and sizes, including those with as few as 20 beds and as many as 10,000 beds.


Does anything need to be prepared before an accreditation survey is scheduled?

After NCCHC receives your accreditation application, we will send you a self-survey questionnaire (SSQ), which is a self-assessment tool to determine compliance with the standards. Once the completed SSQ is reviewed by NCCHC staff and the facility is considered ready for a survey, dates can be scheduled. However, at least 12 months of documentation is required prior to being scheduled.


What if some of the standards do not apply to our facility?

NCCHC takes a practical approach to the accreditation process. Only those standards that apply to your facility are employed in the evaluation. For instance, if your facility does not have an infirmary then the standard on infirmary care is omitted from the survey. Similarly, if a facility does not house female inmates, the standard on care of the pregnant inmate is omitted.


How much does accreditation cost?

The nonrefundable application fee is $400. The actual cost of accreditation is based on the facility type (i.e., jail, prison, juvenile), its average daily population, whether it has satellite operations, what special medical or mental health services it provides and other factors. Using this information, we will provide an estimate of accreditation fees. After accreditation has been achieved, there is a subsequent annual fee.