Position Statements


The National Commission's position statements serve to augment the Standards or express NCCHC's expert opinion on important issues that are not addressed in the Standards.

Along with the Standards, these position statements may assist correctional facilities in designing policies and procedures on such matters.

Administrative Management of HIV in Correctional Institutions html  pdf
Charging Inmates a Fee for Health Care Services html  pdf 
Competency for Execution html  pdf 
Correctional Health Professionals’ Response to Inmate Abuse html  pdf
Health Care Funding for Incarcerated Youth html  pdf
Health Services Research in Correctional Settings html  pdf
Health Services to Adolescents in Adult Correctional Facilities html  pdf
Licensed Health Care Providers in Correctional Institutions html  pdf
Management of Chronic Pain html  pdf
Optimizing Insurance Coverage for Detainees and Inmates Postrelease html  pdf
Naloxone for the Prevention of Opioid Overdose Deaths html  pdf
Prevention of Juvenile Suicide in Correctional Settings html  pdf
Prevention of Violence in Correctional Settings html  pdf
Restraint of Pregnant Inmates html  pdf
STD Testing for Adolescents and Adults Upon Admission to Correctional Facilities html  pdf
Substance Use Disorder Treatment for Adults and Adolescents html  pdf
Transgender Health Care in Correctional Settings html  pdf
Women's Health Care in Correctional Settings html  pdf