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Transfer Screening

There are a couple of standards to consider. First, E-04 Initial Health Assessment has requirements for what the health assessment should include and who may perform each component of the assessment (history vs. physical examination). You would need to determine if the health assessments being done at the surrounding jails meet this standard. The second standard to consider is E-03 Transfer Screening. Health staff at the regional jail would need to confirm that the initial health assessment was completed at the intake jail when transfer screening is completed. If not, it would need to be completed at the regional jail as soon as possible. If the health assessments that are done at the surrounding jails meet the standard, then it would not need to be repeated at the regional jail.

— From CorrectCare Volume 28, Issue 4, Fall 2014

Standard E-03 Transfer Screening requires that qualified health care professionals review each transferred inmate’s health record or summary with 12 hours of arrival to ensure continuity of care. Since the standard allows for the review of the health record or summary, an intrasystem transfer form would not be necessary in your situation since the complete health record is available. However, there must be a way for staff at each facility to know that new inmates have arrived so that a record review may be completed and documented within 12 hours.

— From CorrectCare Volume 28, Issue 3, Summer 2014

The standard intends that within 12 hours of the inmate’s arrival at the facility (emphasis added), a qualified health care professional should be reviewing the health record or summary to ensure continuity of care.

— From CorrectCare Volume 25, Issue 4, Fall 2011