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Advance your career and share your knowledge and expertise with colleagues by publishing an article in one of the NCCHC publications.


JCHC is the only national, peer-reviewed scientific journal to address correctional health care. Published quarterly, it covers a broad range of topics such as clinical care, health services and support, personnel and staffing, ethical issues, health records, continuous quality improvement, risk management, and medical-legal issues.

The correctional health field encompasses a wide spectrum of disciplines: medicine, nursing, dental, mental health, substance abuse, community health and social programs, reentry and discharge planning, and much more. With each there are programs focusing on prevention, chronic and acute care, wellness, and cost containment. We welcome manuscripts in all of these areas, as well as recent legal decisions and their implications, administrative management, policy development, and performance improvement, both clinical and administrative. We also seek literature reviews, book reviews, case studies, and commentaries.

Please visit the JCHC website for editorial policies and online submission.

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This quarterly magazine of the National Commission on Correctional Health Care is sent free of charge to 13,000 health care professionals who work in correctional facilities and others in related fields.

CorrectCare aims to provide news and timely information relevant to correctional health professionals. Given the breadth of this field, the content addresses a wide array of issues that span clinical, legal, administrative and professional concerns. We are interested in content that will help our readers understand and manage challenges in their work. For example, this could include case studies (e.g., how a facility implemented a quality improvement initiative), news or updates on a topic of interest (the latest clinical guidelines), an overview or refresher on a specific topic (e.g., laws/regulations that affect practice).

Before undertaking the effort to write, we recommend that you provide a synopsis or outline of the proposed article so that we may determine whether it is of interest. If we accept your proposal, we will provide guidance to help you develop the article. Articles range from 800 to 2,000 words. The magazine strives for a conversational tone, avoiding highly academic, scientific and legal terminology. We assume that readers possess basic knowledge about correctional health care, so excessive background is omitted. We rely on contributors for their expertise in the subject, not their ability to submit a perfectly polished article. All articles are edited to ensure they meet the magazine's format and style. Graphics such as photographs or figures can be used to augment the written material.

Authors must indicate if their article has been submitted to any other publication. This is for information purposes only. CorrectCare does not require exclusive publication rights; however, original material appearing in CorrectCare is copyrighted by NCCHC.

Articles should be submitted via email and should include each author's name, credentials, professional affiliation, mailing address, telephone number and email address.

Submit articles or proposals to NCCHC Editor, 1145 W. Diversey Pkwy., Chicago, IL 60614;; phone 773-880-1460.