Our Work - National Commission on Correctional Health Care

Our Work

“NCCHC Resources has helped us tremendously through some challenging issues. The consultants provided a variety of technical services, including monitoring and health care facility design review. They are always immediately available to meet our changing needs.”

— Director, Hudson County Correctional Center, New Jersey

Our Work

Whatever the scope of your project, the range of your needs, the size of your facility or the scale of your resources, we are here to help you achieve an efficient, well-managed health care delivery system. Read about some of our most recent projects.


NCCHC Resources was hired by a Midwestern state to investigate allegations of substandard health care by conducting a comprehensive assessment of the health care provided at one of the nation’s largest and most complicated departments of corrections. Other recent projects include a comprehensive review of clinical care for a Northeastern prison system with an emphasis on medical record review and provider interviews. In another health system, the on-duty death of a correctional officer triggered a detailed review of health services in that system to explore poor health care as a potential root cause of risks in safety and security.


Counties in three states have hired us to perform comprehensive evaluations of health care services. While each case was initiated by unexpected deaths in custody, after initial work, the county governments requested additional services such as health services RFP development, contractor quality assurance, financial auditing, physical space and design review, and other services.

In another project, NCCHC Resources was appointed by a federal judge to develop a monitoring tool that incorporated metrics from the NCCHC Standards for a federal court overseeing a long-term consent decree. We worked cooperatively with both state and plaintiff attorneys to support the conclusion of the decades-old litigation with the court finding that our monitoring services supported substantial compliance with the long-standing consent decree.


In recent years, we have worked with several large and mid-sized jails to develop comprehensive suicide prevention programs incorporating health care, custody, and facility design. In each case, NCCHC Resources developed a comprehensive and actionable report to jail command and health staff to help reduce the risk of suicide.


NCCHC Resources is frequently asked to support assessments of opioid treatment programs at all stages of maturity. We have performed community-wide assessment and technical training activity in a variety of settings, including a large Western rural medically underserved area. We trained local health experts on options for moving forward with medication-assisted treatment with the jail as a potential community hub. We maintain an ongoing relationship with the stakeholders including local detention services, state prisons, the federal government, and treatment providers.


We understand how the physical space used to provide health services is a critical component of high-quality care. Providing services in any built environment is challenging. Several clients have requested a detailed review of their physical space to include overall clinic and housing design, patient flow, staff workstations, equipment placement, all with special attention to suicide prevention measures.


We have provided key information for county government offices investigating deaths of incarcerated persons to help determine the root causes of death and any instances of criminal negligence or homicide.