NCCHC Accreditation


What will happen with my accreditation survey if I am not able to meet time lines set forth in the standards because of the epidemic?

NCCHC surveyors are health care professionals themselves. Our physicians and nurses understand what you are going through. Many have been through crises like this before. Be sure your technical response to the crisis is thoughtful and well-documented.


What if I have a survey scheduled in the next few months?

NCCHC has postponed all surveys through April 20, 2020, and will reschedule as needed. If you have concerns about your facility, contact


I am a dentist at a juvenile detention facility. NCCHC has a 60-day standard for juveniles to get a dental exam. The California Dental Association recommends suspending all nonessential dental procedures until 3/31/20. If the patient is not complaining of toothache, is it necessary to examine the patient during this crisis?

It is important to comply with directives from your local health authority. For an accredited facility, if there is conflict with an NCCHC standard, document the reasons for deviation and work to achieve compliance as soon as possible.