Mental Health Standards


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I work in behavioral health for a state juvenile justice department. Historically, we have used the Juvenile Health Standards book, but we see that there is also a Mental Health Standards book that does not specify adult or juvenile population. Which would be appropriate for us to use?

NCCHC publishes five sets of standards, three of which are specific for health services (2014 manuals for jails and prisons and a 2015 manual for juvenile detention and confinement facilities), one for mental health services (2015) and one for opioid treatment programs (2016). Each set of standards may be used alone or in conjunction with another set of standards. When a jail, prison or juvenile facility is accredited using the Standards for Health Services, mental health is included in the overall accreditation. However, if a facility, including jails, prisons and juvenile facilities, is only interested in accreditation for its mental health program, then the Standards for Mental Health Services in Correctional Facilities manual is used. A dual accreditation may also be achieved by following both the health services standards and the mental health standards or opioid treatment program standards.
— From CorrectCare Volume 30, Issue 3, Summer 2016