Our Leadership

Managing Director: Brent R. Gibson, MD, MPH, FACPM, CCHP-P

As proven leaders in public health and correctional health care, Dr. Gibson and the team at NCCHC Resources, Inc., are dedicated to identifying and supporting critical opportunities to improve quality in correctional health care.

Dr. Gibson's leadership philosophy is based on the view that the correctional environment is a clinical practice setting just like any other, one where the health and welfare of patients is a top priority. After many years of work in technically complex medical support operations for the United States military (earning two Meritorious Service Medals), he developed a guiding principle that providing high quality health services (including mental health and substance abuse services) is essential to maintaining a safe and secure operational environment. His more recent experience in correctional health care has confirmed that the same principle holds true in jails and prisons.

In leading NCCHC Resources, Dr. Gibson leverages and builds on the unique and deep experience and institutional knowledge of NCCHC, the world’s premier and most tenured correctional health care organization. He ensures that quality teams are immediately put to work solving the most pressing and challenging health care needs of the nation’s jails and prisons.

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