General FAQs


How can I update my contact information with NCCHC?

Simply log in to your NCCHC account to update your personal information, including mailing address, email, professional credentials and more. Keeping your account current is important for activities such as CorrectCare subscriptions, CCHP certification, conference registration, publications orders, accreditation correspondence and more. To update (or create) your account, go to (see link at top of page).


How do I obtain a CE certificate after I've attended a conference?

To claim continuing education credit, you must first complete an evaluation for each session you attended, as well as the conference overall. The entire process is online. Simply log in to your NCCHC account and go to "My Evaluations/CE." Once you complete the evaluation, you will be able to print your continuing education certificate. Log in at (see link at top of page).


Where can I find a list of all correctional facilities accredited by NCCHC?

By policy, NCCHC does not release such lists, nor can it respond to inquiries as to whether a given facility is accredited. Please contact facilities directly for that information.


We would like to identify accredited correctional health care companies for reference purposes. Can NCCHC provide such a list?

NCCHC does not accredit any kind of company (such as health care contractors, electronic health records vendors or pharmacies), states or agencies. Rather, NCCHC accredits individual correctional facilities for compliance with the relevant Standards for Health Services. The accreditation is awarded to the facility itself for its established system of health care delivery and demonstrated compliance with the requirements of the standards.