COVID-19 Update

Posted Mar 16, 2020

NCCHC Operations Update

March 16, 2020

General Services

NCCHC is available to serve you during this challenging time. Our experts are here to assist with your COVID-19 questions and concerns.


NCCHC has suspended on-site surveys until at least April 20, 2020, and will continue to review the situation as it develops. If you have questions about an upcoming survey, please contact 


Delivery of CCHP materials (certificates, packages, etc.) delivery will be delayed. If you are waiting for test results, view your status by logging into your myncchc account. In addition, NCCHC is working with sites that have exams scheduled. If exams are cancelled, we will reschedule at the earliest and safest date. Please send any questions to


Express shipments have been suspended.  Ground packages will resume normal delivery (7-10 days) after April 1.

Technical Assistance and Monitoring Services

NCCHC Resources, Inc., will continue to provide scheduled technical assistance and will also continue to schedule new technical assistance requests. Correctional health care monitoring services will continue as per the current schedule, although some services that would have been provided on-site will now be provided on a remote basis. Contact


For information on COVID-19 in corrections, please visit our blog. Contact us by email at