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Dr. Pauline Marcussen is a veteran health information management professional and an advocate…
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Learn all about hepatitis in corrections, find helpful resources from the experts at CDC.
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This document demonstrates the Administration’s policy priorities.
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Correctional health professionals have a fundamental duty to the clinical care, physical safety, and psychological wellness of their patients. NCCHC has revised its position
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Q: Is a log necessary for tracking grievances? It is not in the compliance indicators for the grievance process standard, but it is something we
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Q: I work in a jail and am trying to find guidance on what credential a jail nurse needs to have. Does the nurse have
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The COVID-19 pandemic has disproportionately affected staff and residents of correctional facilities, and the impact goes beyond physical health. Protecting the community has required
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March 31 is international Transgender Day of Visibility, a good time to review NCCHC’s position statement on Transgender and Gender Diverse Health Care in Correctional