Advertising and Sponsorship


Correctional health care is a growing market filled with opportunities. NCCHC can help you reach your customers.

Correctional health care serves nearly 1.8 million individuals incarcerated in our nation’s correctional institutions each year. These individuals often have more health needs than the general population and require medical and mental health services and treatments.

Today, the correctional system is under increased scrutiny and the subject of study and attention. However, in these tough economic times, correctional health care budgets are tight, and effective solutions are required.

Correctional health professionals turn to NCCHC for resources to improve health care delivery and outcomes. They attend our conferences, visit our exhibit halls, consult our website and read our publications to discover new products and services.

The 2022 Marketing and Resource Guide outlines the many ways your company can gain industry exposure and provide solutions to these results-oriented professionals. By targeting NCCHC’s constituents you can:
• Market directly to correctional health professionals
• Reach key decision makers and purchasers
• Build brand awareness by showcasing your products and services

Looking for a marketing opportunity not outlined in the Guide? We will work with you to develop a marketing strategy to fit your budget, whether it’s advertising in our publications, exhibiting at our conferences, renting our mailing list or a combination of approaches for maximum exposure. We look forward to helping you reach your correctional health audience.

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