If your company markets to decision makers in correctional health care, you’ll want to take advantage of these opportunities to advertise in NCCHC publications.


CorrectCare® is the ONLY magazine published for the correctional health field. Reach your target audience through this focused, trusted, and unique publication. NCCHC's quarterly magazine puts your message in front of the people who need—and want—to see it most: thousands of dedicated professionals who make and influence decisions about how best to provide health care in their facility. It features news, articles, and commentary on wide-ranging topics such as clinical care, administration, ethics, law, and professional development. Subscriptions are free to members of the Academy of Correctional Health Professionals and to thousands of professionals working in jails, prisons, juvenile facilities, departments of corrections, health departments, and other agencies. It is also available online.

Conference Programs

Decision makers know that NCCHC conferences are the place to be for top-notch education and career advancement. Your ad in a conference program will get the attention of those who want to stay on top of their game. The programs are also posted on the conference websites.

  • Conference Preliminary Programs are sent to more than 10,000 correctional health care professionals. Your ad will deliver your message to this large and diverse group, even if they do not attend the conference.
  • Final Programs are distributed on-site to all attendee and are a great way to reach a highly motivated group of professionals. The program is an indispensable resource for conference-goers, and your ad will receive excellent, repeated exposure during and after the event.

See the 2022 Marketing and Resource Guide for details, or contact the Exhibits & Advertising Sales Manager at 773-880-1460, ext. 298, or

Journal of Correctional Health Care

NCCHC's quarterly journal packs a big impact. Published by SAGE, JCHC offers many valuable features, including a robust, fully searchable website at SAGE Journals Online. Opportunities include print, online and mobile advertising; email marketing; supplements; reprints; sponsored subscriptions and more. An internationally renowned publisher of scholarly, educational and professionals journals, SAGE uses its marketing power to build circulation. Your ad will reach a large audience, including many institutional subscribers such as universities and medical libraries. JCHC is sent to all Academy of Correctional Health Professionals members, ensuring that your message is seen by the most elite individuals in this field. Enjoy bonus distribution at NCCHC’s Spring and Fall conferences.For advertising information, visit JCHC at Sage Journals Online.