Our Work

Whatever the scope of your project, the range of your needs, the size of your facility or the scale of your resources, we are here to help you achieve an efficient, well-managed health care delivery system. Read about some of our most recent projects.

Large County Jail System (West)

A large jail system in a Western state was seeking NCCHC accreditation (the first county in the state to seek this prestigious accreditation in many years). The county leadership turned to NCCHC Resources to assess their readiness for a survey of health services. An expert team was assembled and visited each of the many jails, some of them in remote locations, to perform comprehensive on-site assessment. The information gathered gave the county a unique view into strengths and weaknesses and provided important data to help the jail system prepare for accreditation, which ultimately was achieved.

State Department of Corrections (Midwest)

Facing mounting, high-profile criticism for providing substandard care for inmates, the governor’s office of a large Midwestern state hired NCCHC Resources to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the health care provided at one of the nation’s largest and most complicated departments of corrections. A hand-selected team (including a physician, a psychologist and a nursing expert) visited selected prisons across the state, including a program with a dedicated mental health mission and several with the highest levels of security, and wrote a comprehensive and detailed assessment of health care services.

Large County Jail (East Coast)

An Eastern jail that houses local and federal detainees experienced the death of several inmates under its care. NCCHC Resources was engaged by the county leadership to send an expert team (a physician and a nurse) to perform a comprehensive evaluation of health care services, to make targeted recommendations for improvement and to provide monitoring services over a four-month period. Subsequently, NCCHC Resources was asked to extend its monitoring with an emphasis on assessing the corrective action plans.

State Department of Corrections

When a large consulting firm was hired by a state department of corrections to conduct a comprehensive environmental scan of health care systems at other states’ corrections departments, the firm turned to NCCHC Resources experts to provide a correctional context to its already robust health care analytic expertise. NCCHC Resources aided development of a comprehensive data call and interviews with officials around the nation to support the gathering and analysis of data requested by the customer.

Other Projects

Other projects include supporting the development of health services requests for proposals for a metropolitan New England jail; focused analysis of the process for nonemergency health care services at a large, high-security, mid-Atlantic prison; and a comprehensive review of health services for a not-for-profit health system providing care at a large, metropolitan jail in the Southeast.