Trustee Sue Lane Models Leadership

Posted Nov 25, 2019

Sue Lane

The latest candidate to win a seat on the CCHP board of trustees through election by her peers is B. Sue Medley-Lane, RN, CCHP-A. Lane is the corporate infection prevention and control coordinator for Centurion. In this role, she updates and monitors all infection control policies, procedures and manuals for the company’s clients; tracks exposures and outbreaks; and develops and delivers staff training.

Lane has worked in correctional health care for 22 years, but infection control has been a mainstay of her career for 30 years. She has experience working in just about every setting possible as a nurse: medical office, hospital med-surg, mental health, postanesthesia recovery, critical care, trauma, labor and delivery, and even home health care—all before joining the correctional world.

But in 1997, she received a call from a friend who was the director of nursing in a large metropolitan jail and needed her help. In true Sue Lane fashion, she readily agreed to lend a hand—and she has never looked back.

Combining Her Passions

The breadth of Lane’s experience and skills in the community translated well into the correctional environment where health professionals wear many hats. For many years now, she has been able to combine the two things that she is most passionate about on a professional level: correctional health care and infection control.

Lane’s passion for her work is a reflection of her concern for the underserved individuals in society. She finds inspiration in being a vocal advocate of patients. “It is important that we remember our patients are from our communities and we need to be responsible and proactive in the care and treatment for all,” she says.

Commitment and Giving Back

A strong commitment to professional growth is a natural extension of Lane’s work ethic. She has felt compelled to seek certification in any field of practice or specialty she has worked in. “Choosing to practice in a nursing specialty is an important decision,” she explains. “You must be willing to commit your time and resources to become the best you can be.” Of CCHP certification, she adds that it goes beyond knowledge of the NCCHC standards: “By attaining your CCHP, you demonstrate your competency and commitment to your specialty.”

When it comes to her personal life, Lane says family comes first, and she also enjoys cooking and photography. She also believes in volunteering and giving back to the community. Lane has volunteered for more than 17 years with the Amateur Athletic Union karate youth team. She also speaks to various groups in her community about correctional health care and infection control.

Lane also serves as chair of the Academy of Correctional Health Professionals. She believes it is important to educate and support professionals new to the field and give them the guidance and opportunity to become leaders. “My goal in life is to make a difference,” she says, “help where I can and be a voice for education, improvement and change.”

— Matissa Sammons, MA, CCHP, is vice president of certification for NCCHC. This article appeared in the Fall 2019 issue of CorrectCare, vol. 33, issue 4.