Time Frames


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In the 2014 Standards, E-07 Nonemergency Health Care Requests and Services says that oral or written requests for health care are picked up daily by qualified health care professionals and triaged within 24 hours. When a request describes a clinical symptom, a face-to-face encounter occurs within 48 hours (72 hours on weekends). Does this mean that we now have two days to see a patient once the request has been triaged?

No. The 48-hour time frame begins upon receipt of the written or oral health care request. Triage is required within 24 hours and a face-to-face assessment (when the request describes a clinical symptom) by a qualified health care professional is required within the next 24 hours. This is applicable for all medical, dental and mental health requests.
From CorrectCare Volume 28, Issue 2, Spring 2014


I need clarification on time frames that are required by the Standards. For instance, if a facility has seven days to test for tuberculosis, is the day of booking counted as day one?

Yes, if a standard gives a time frame in which a task must be completed, then the day of booking is counted as day one.

— From CorrectCare Volume 28, Issue 1, Winter 2014